Dhabi Hold Co

has integrated itself into the UAE’s Sovereign Wealth Funds, Government, Mid Market Investment Groups and Family Offices to originate and execute high profile advisory, syndicates, fundraising, joint ventures, investments and technology development.

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Joint Ventures

Since 2017, Dhabi Hold Co has been establishing international joint ventures, distribution contracts and licensing across the Gulf Cooperation Council.


Dhabi Hold Co invests off its own balance sheet in GCC and International companies. These companies need to benefit the main holding companies' interest.

Fund Raising

Since 2017, Dhabi Hold Co has performed many successful fundraising campaigns across the GCC with international and local start ups, in parallel to securing Limited Partners for fund managers, with a 6 year track record.

Event & Marketing

Dhabi Hold Co twice a year hosts a family office event alongside the government, which allows the GCC private wealth ecosystem to collaborate. In addition, Dhabi Hold Co owns one of the leading marketing agencies in the UAE called Gulf Creative.

Having worked with Dhabi Hold Co we managed toraise capital into one of our portfolio companies.

~ Jeff Klunzinger

General Partner Awaken Capital

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We back founders who transform industries.

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ADGM, Abu Dhabi

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Al Khatem Tower, ADGM, Abu Dhabi, UAE


+971 58 528 8421



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Obediah Ayton

Obediah Ayton

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Dhabi Hold Co.

We are a team of emerging professionals.

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+971 58 528 8421


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If you have any other questions – please get in touch at  support@dhabiholding.ae

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